The Subtractor Edit

He subtracted from Miho's profits, so she ended up adding a few extra holes in him.

He is a minor minor character, and thinks he is above everyone else in the criminal world, even the higher-ups, due to his primary role in exposing his former partner, The Boss. He works with Easter Dave, supplying him information about The Boss's whereabouts. When he fleed after betraying The Boss, he lay

low as an Iwatobi High School background character, that is, until he had a run-in with Nagisa Hazuki.

He is first seen when Nagisa tried recruiting him to join his drug cartel/swim team, but declined, seeing as Nagisa was a novice thug and nowhere near his level. However, he began following Nagisa on the train, and learned of Rei's involvement in the track team, and with this knowledge, gained the ego to keep stealing Miho's chemistry equipment. Unfortunately, he stopped tailing Nagisa and did not gain the information that Rei had joined the swim team, so when Miho found out about The Subtractor, Rei eventually got word (from their meeting in the teacher's lounge with Makoto and Nagisa) and made the connection between Nagisa's first recruitment to The Subtractor. Rei was then able to relay the information to Miho anonymously, leading her to succeed in her extra-credit Math work.

Unfortunately, since his demise, The Boss still has to lay low until the ruckus boils down and Easter Dave forgets about his fallen comrade.