"I think you broke it. Heh. Subtle 'bro' insert." - Seijuro, episode 12

Seijuro is a character in 50% Off voiced by Secretlyeric. He is captain of the Samezuka swim team and has a habit of sneaking the word bro into other words and phrases.

Personality Edit

Seijuro is something of a frat-boy stereotype. He's all about buying tank-tops and saying "bro" as often as possible. He might be slightly sexist, as he is taken aback when he finds out that Gou takes kick-boxing. He also tried to haze Rin onto the swim team as if it were a fraternity.

Trivia Edit

  • He likes the Dave Matthews Band.
  • His younger brother almost died while partying with Nagisa on his birthday.
  • He loves tank tops and Frisbee.