“I don’t really know now that you mention it. I think I hate him. Or love him. Whatever, I’m gonna beat him too because I’m the best.” - Rin (about Haru), episode 16

Rin is a main character of 50% Off. He is Gou's older brother who attends Samezuka Academy. Rin is voiced by SparkyTheAndriod He is a self proclaimed "Regional Champ" of gay chicken although he quickly losses to Haru.    

Personality Edit

"Rin? Oh yeah, 6'2", shark teeth, cries when you call him bitch-baby." - Seijuro, episode 6
Rin is rude to the main characters whenever he meets them. He's described as being a swimming savant who can do nothing else. He's very emotional. In fact, his roommate Nitori observes that he is always upset. He claims to hate Haru and attempts to make him kill himself after losing a race (because that's what they do in Australia). He later admits to Nitori that he isn't sure if he hates Haru or loves him. 

He is on the Sumezuka team despite barely making it through their hazing. According to their captain Seijuro, he ran off after the paddling. While on the team, Rin tries even harder to avoid the Iwatobi boys and even claims not to know them even when they're screaming his name to get his attention. He is often seen with his roommate Nitori. 

Nagisa's Shark References Edit

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Rin's Shark Teeth

Nagisa is convinced that Rin was genetically spliced with a shark because of his pointed teeth. Throughout the show he makes several jokes based off of them and often uses Rin as "proof" that Street Sharks exists. Here's some of the things he's called Rin so far: 

  • Sharkweek 
  • Jaws & Jaws 3D 
  • Jabber Jaw 
  • Deep Blue Sea 
  • Shark Zone

Trivia Edit

  • Rin was born 2 months early.
  • Rin cannot count (Example: when doing sit-ups in episode 16 he counts 28, 29, 23)
  • There's a door from Haru's brain to his.
  • He confirmed that he's part shark.