Gou Matsuoka is a secondary character of 50% Off and is voiced by Rinachan. She appears first at the end of Episode 3 Breaking And Entering, however she isn't introduced until the next episode, Taking The Fall.

She is Rin's younger sister and prefers to go by the name Kou, just as her canon counterpart. As a fangirl with numerous gay ships, she enjoys checking out muscular guys and writing fanfiction. She has the ability to smell boys being gay. She also goes through people's trash and steals towels from the Samezuka team.


Gou is first and foremost an over-the-top fangirl. The Iwatobi Swim Team had to make a pact to stop her from making "weeb shit" even though they're in Japan. She loves looking at guys with muscles. Makoto has told her to "back off" when it comes to Haru because he called dibs.

She's also very aggressive and admits to being addicted to "the feeling of crushing someone's face in with a solid right cross." She helps create the swim club because her parol officer told her she needed more extracuriculars and she was thrown out of sewing club after threatening another member. She cares enough about her brother Rin to try and reunite him with his old friends but still takes pride in making him cry. 


At some point in the past, Gou took the fall for something Nagisa did and went to a correctional facility. She has never forgiven him for it and maced him immedaitely upon recognizing him outside Haru's house. While locked up, she stabbed another girl which weighs on her psyche.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a regular member of a huge fanbase that caters to muscle-obsessed girls who love watching half-naked men.
  • She has been blocked on six accounts from this fanbase and has received an email from the founder of the fanbase herself to stop creating new accounts
  • On her seventh un-banned account, she is in the top five most contributing members of the fanbase.