"Look at that majestic ass mutha fucka. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs. And arms. And a jetpack. Holy shit, this stuff is definitely kicking in!" -Nagisa

Taking the Fall
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Release Date September 12, 2013
Episode Length 2:45
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Breaking and Entering Extracurricular

Episode SummeryEdit

The episode begins with Makoto and Nagisa searching for Rin's locker. Instead of Rin, they discover Gou's locker.

Gou, meanwhile, attempts to visit Haru however he can't hear her ringing the doorbell because he is in the tub listening to heavy metal. Makoto and Nagisa arrive just in time to meet her. Gou uses her mace on them because she's still angry at Nagisa for the time she has done in his place. She asks them to meet Rin, Nagisa apparently owing her for the jail time. They convince Haru to go by telling him there will be a pool.

Nagisa kills a guard and they break into the pool area. Haru immedaitely jumps into the pool, followed by a naked (and high) Nagisa. Makoto is yanked into the pool and Rin shows up to challenge Haru to a race... to the death.

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Our heroes are hot on the trail of Rin, but who is this mysterious girl?!

I was up until 6am making this, so I hope you enjoy c:

This is a parody of FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club made by myself and my friend sparkytheandroid, if you wanna watch FREE! go check it out on crunchyroll:

Voices are myself, sparkytheandroid, and rina-chan

Also, check that awesome new logo and end title by Ezekieru:

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Back Tat


  • The song Haru is listening to in the bath is Encased in Concrete by Cannibal Corpse.
  • This episode has what is possibly the first instance of Haru showing separate personalities. In the episode, he complains to himself that he let them talk him into doing something again. The voice in his head sarcastically says, 'good job, Haru.' To which he replies, 'shut up, Haru.' Although this could be a simple case of one talking to themself, the fact that he address the other 'personality' the same way as in later episodes makes it seem as though he is truly speaking to one of the other "Harus".
  • This is the only episode that shows Nagisa's back and wrist tattoos.