"What's up, sluts? Guess who just got out of prison?" - Nagisa

Late For Anime School
Season 1, Episode 2
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Release Date August 21, 2013
Episode Length 2:19
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Prologue Breaking and Entering

Episode Summery Edit

Makoto rushes to Haru's house before school. He's greeted by Mrs. Tamora who gives him something for his "boyfriend" though he insists they're just friends. After breaking into Haru's house, Makoto helps him out of the tub and ogles him. On their way to school Makoto recounts a story about what happened to him last Tuesday and Haru fantasizes about the ocean.

At school, Haru meets his new homeroom teach, Miho Amakata. Nagisa approaches them on their way to lunch and it takes them each a minute to recognize him, despite Makoto's story that he was with Nagisa on Tuesday.

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We find our heroes in a dire scenario...THEY ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL! Basically I'm gonna do short sections of each episode instead of one long episode, let me know if you like this format!

This is a parody of FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club made by myself and my friend sparkytheandroid, if you wanna watch FREE! go check it out on crunchyroll:

Voices are myself, sparkytheandroid, and azamack

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Trivia Edit

  • Nagisa claims to have just gotten out of prison and Makoto and Haru hardly recognize him however in Makoto's story at the beginning, he claims to have been with Nagisa recently. This is either a plot-hole or Makoto made up the story he told Haru, which is likely considered how in later episodes they act as though they've just reunited.
  • The song that plays when Haru gets out of the tub is Dream Weaver by Gary Wright.